brat style motorcycle honda cb360 1976 bik nos bottle stretched extended swing arm

brat style motorcycle honda cb360 1976 bik nos bottle stretched extended swing arm
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My first motorcycle.

Please send pics and a bit of background about your own 360 project.

This is the bike I started with a stock 1976 Honda CB360t. The official "BEFORE" pics

I cannibalized the front forks, drum brake and gas tank from this 69 CL350 Scrambler.

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Saturday, January 31, 2015

R/R from

Its been a while ago.  I got a new R/R from  
So, while I got some time to kill waiting for my Mufflers and Bromz to start his build.

I decided to re-wire the bike, including new battery cables, install the R/R, new Starter solenoid, make new a battery tray and basically tidy things up under the seat.  As well as, replace the bar end mirror.   I broke, while trying to fix.   And drain and replace fork oil.

R/R from
The R/R rated output is 180 watts.
The stock Honda system only offers 110watts.
For a few extra bucks Matt will include the correct plug for your system.  To make installation a snap.
Got her fired up.
Found her charging steady 12.5vdc @ 1200rpm, and hitting 13+vdc twixed 2-3krpm
Stock system would discharge battery, 11.3vdc @1200.

While wiring her up I got curious to find out what the amp draw of my lighting system is now w all these leds + halogen headlight.  So I hooked up the Fluke and tested for amperage.  

I was delighted to find with ALL lights on (running, license plate, brake lit, high beam, turn signal flashing and stock gauge lights) She pulls 3.108 amps or 37.3 watts.  So, there should be plenty left to charge the coils.
I dont know what a stock lighting system draws.

I picked up and plan to replace the old gauge bulbs w brighter leds from sparckmoto.

I think they only require 1 watt a piece.
Everything came out pretty tidy under seat.
Had to cut a tab off new mirror, but was more or less easy bolt up.
Now time for a nap.  Bromz should arrive about 2:00 pm.


Monday, January 19, 2015

Go to guy....Dave Quinn

I just went for a ride on the Hagon shocks, I got from Dave Quinn.

WOW, its like riding a whole different machine.

Dave is your go to guy for just about any suspension need.

Not only does he build custom Hagons for CB360s.  
Dude builds shocks for just about any bike out there.  From Harley to Moto Guzzi to Nortons and Triumphs and more.  If you dont see your machine on his him.

He custom builds,  Mono shocks and rare model replicas too.

Best part of this whole experience...

Dave has answered his phone everytime I call.  

He's been building Hagons for 28 years now.  He will work w you to get the performance you need. USA Hagon distributor.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Hagon shocks from Dave Quinn

The UPS man dropped off the new Hagon shocks!  I ordered these babies from a great guy, Dave Quinn.

Dude is a pleasure to work with. It took a couple emails to get the requirements sorted out. He was very quick to get back to me. And knows a hell of a lot more about shocks than I ever want to. He offers several different styles and you can mix and match parts chrome/black to suit.

Hes got common use shocks already assembled and ready to ship OR, At no extra cost. Dave builds them according to what you need. 

     They arrived w the proper size eye/clevis setup for my 360. He takes into account the weight of the bike and rider/passenger. Riding style and preference.

He wants you to be happy the first try.

We are starting out w a firmer spring/damper. To account for the added leverage of the longer swingarm. Hopefully we got them right the first time. However, if something needs adjusted, I can send them back to him, for fine tuning.

Will go for a test ride tomorrow.  Temps have been in the 40s for a couple days now.  But, the inch of ice covering the roads is melting off and drying out nicely, now.  

Cant wait to feel this improvement.

My cozy little garage, just got a little cozier.  

Bromz, just dropped off his KZ1000.  Over the next few weeks,  He is gonna go through the engine.  Replacing what needs to be replaced along w fresh seals and gaskets.  And maybe some other stuff.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

DIY S/S muffler brackets

digging   Nope, Not this time...Stainless steel.

I got lucky.  Found a 12 inch scrap length of stainless square tube.


The cheap glass packs came w a single bolt welded to the muffler.  After some vibration it busted off.  I had to weld it back on.  Sucked.
I want something a bit more substantial for these mufflers.  So  I drilled and cut keyhole slot style brackets.  Not only will the bolts be adjustable, it will be long enough to accommodate 2 bolts if need be.  It will also be welded on both sides for maximum strength.

I drilled the stainless steel tube for 3 1/2in slots.

the plasma cutter may have been ideal for this work.  
But it wasnt handy.  So, I opted for the 4 inch grinder.
It actually worked out great.

The handle on the Bunn came loose!
So, after going through all the troubleshooting steps.
I found the set screw had loosened.
Ha!  After sitting idle in my toolbox for 30 some odd years.
I finally found a use for that pesky, red handled, 1/4" nut driver!
You know the small one Craftsman just tosses in the box set...
The one you never, ever, ever use, but just cant throw out.
Yep, That small, dusty one that just sits and takes up space.
Its for tightening the loose screw on a Bunn pot handle!!!
Well, I'll be damned!

I am delighted w bolt fit.  
They slide nice in the slot, yet w no wiggle room for the square shoulder.
Locking themselves in place. 

 So, they cant spin when tightening/loosening.

They dont look like they were stamped out by some cold digital press in a chinese factory.
But, pretty darn nice for a home job.

Will drop these off w my buddy Gary.
Stainless welder extraordinaire.
gives me some time to find the 4th lost S/S carriage bolt.

Hagons may arrive tomorrow!  Woo hoo!

Thursday, January 8, 2015


i know been pretty slow posting these past few months.

But, things are starting to pick up.

In the process of ordering a pair of Hagon shocks.

But this post is about new mufflers.

I searched high and low for something described as "Quiter"!  
I like the looks of the slash cut glass packs I have now.  However, they are just too damn loud.  After about 15 minutes of listening to these screamin mimis, Ive had enough.

So, I found a pair of "Quieter core" mufflers from   And they are described as just the thing I am looking for.

Baffle wrapped up in a gorgeous brushed stainless reverse cone exterior.  

 They are 18 inches long (3 inches longer than the glasspacks).  they dont have any mounts installed.   So after I figure something out for that.  I will have a nice little job for my favorite S/S welder guy.

Also, Ive invited Bromz to bring his KZ1000 project over in a couple weeks to tear the engine down for all new seals and gaskets.  My heated garage is very appealing for this work.  Especially now that winter has shown its ugly face...currently - 4 below zero right now!  

Friday, November 14, 2014


I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived home yesterday, to find a package labeled , sitting on the kitchen counter.

2 pairs of brand new aftermarket slipper/tensioners I ordered had arrived!

Matt, at has been working extensively w his manufacturer to bring us the highest quality product at an affordable price.  They look awesome.

Also, a note about the R&D taking place behind the scenes.   These have been tested in real world application by a few members of DTT.  Who painstakingly installed them into their own bikes, riding the piss out of them and then pulling them from the engines for inspection.  Providing written and photographic feedback to Matt.  After trying a couple different types of materials, he was able to pinpoint the best materials of the bunch and now they can be yours, at a very affordable price.

I compared them against my own pair of NOS slipper/tensioner.  they are virtually identical.  Except for the addition of alignment grooves cast into the face of the slippers.  Matt, told me the addition of the grooves, aid in keeping the chain centered on the face of the blade.  Because, the material used is much more resistant to chain wear and tear, than the originals.

+1, I think this is a good idea.

Pictured from top to bottom.
Top, NOS, (New old stock) pair.
Center, New Aftermarket from
Bottom, New pair still sealed in package.
Thanks bud, Keep up the good work.

Get yours now at