brat style motorcycle honda cb360 1976 bik nos bottle stretched extended swing arm

brat style motorcycle honda cb360 1976 bik nos bottle stretched extended swing arm
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My first motorcycle.

Please send pics and a bit of background about your own 360 project.

This is the bike I started with a stock 1976 Honda CB360t. The official "BEFORE" pics

I cannibalized the front forks, drum brake and gas tank from this 69 CL350 Scrambler.

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Monday, July 21, 2014

Keihin carbs now doing great on my CB360

First. I do not recommend you try this mod on your bike.  
Messing w the carbs could kill your bike.  
And running her too lean could destroy your engine.

OK heres what I been up to these past couple weeks.  I feel confident I have all the bugs worked out of these Keihin carbs.

The biggest and most annoying problem I was having was the rich mid range rpms...3800 - 4300rpm zone.

She would pop and cutout...However, above 4500 she runs great.  
Watching the O2 sensor I installed I could see she was dropping as low as 9.5 to 1 on the Air/fuel ratio, during the mid range rpm.

Another issue was she was rich when cruising 65mph in 6th gear, (4800 rpm)

So, in order to fix this issue, here is what I did.

I found the feed hole in the Main Primary tube measured 1.15mm.
So, I cleaned them and shoved some flux in there.

I filled the tip w solder.
Just a guess, I drilled one out to .76mm and the other to .82mm.
After making a few laps terrorizing the village.  I found the .82mm to be perfect.
The .76 was too lean.  She died as I was slowing to a stop.  And was getting lean on midrange rpm WOT acceleration.  up to 15 to 1 A/F ratio, also she sounded flat and lacked power.

I drilled the .76 out to match the .82mm and viola.

No more popping and she is cruising 65mph at 12 to 1.  She doesn't hesitate on take off and returns to idle smoothly approaching a stop.  She has tons of power during acceleration, throughout the entire rpm range.  And sounds great.  Starting from a stop she can reach up to 15 to 1 A/F ratio, as the throttle is cracked.  But, only for a second or two, after that Acceleration averages 12 and 13 to 1.  All the way to redline.

I am delighted.  

So, here is the complete current jetting and mod concoction, I have.

PJs super carb mod Voodoo
new Keyster float needles
Old stock A/F needles and springs
19.5mm float height
old stock 35 pilots
old stock 68 primaries, w mod tubes
new keihin 112 secondaires
old stock diaphragms with stock slides
new keyster stock needles and new seats.
new K&N filters, RU-1820

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

NEW, Tensioner / slippers for the 360 will be shipping soon.

Big News from

sparckmoto has placed the order for the tooling, molds, and prototypes, but the production run has not yet been ordered.
Place your pre-order now and get a big discount.

April 30, 2014
Matt, owner of sparckmoto writes...

OK folks...

I know a lot of us have been after these for a while, so I've been working for about a month now to hash out the details of having them made, and we're finally to the point where we're ready to enter production. These slippers and tensioners are being designed after the original pieces, using OEM materials, so there should be very little difference between these units and the stock parts.

So while that's pretty awesome, the down side is that I need to scrape up $1000 for tooling costs and molds.

I'm hoping that there is enough interest in these that a pre-purchase will help to cover this initial outlay of funds.

So... without further ado... here we go:

Pre-purchase price for a single set will be $50 + shipping (shipping to be invoiced after the production run). More than one set is $40 per set and I'll cover the shipping costs. Final retail will be $75 per set, so you're seeing a significant savings by getting in early.

There's no set date (yet) for this pre-purchase period to end, but if/after we're able to raise $1000, I'll give everyone else another week and then I'll make payment to the manufacturer. At this point, they will do the initial tooling and molds and send some prototypes my way for testing. I'll need some volunteers with running Honda 360 engines that don't mind opening things up to run these new parts, and then again (possibly several times) to inspect the parts for wear and performance.

After the prototype parts have been verified, we will enter full production and everyone gets their orders. (Very) rough timeline on these is about two months, so I'm hoping to have these ready to ship out mid-summer.

If you're up for it, payment can be sent via paypal to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE include a note in the payment specifying the purpose. That paypal account sees a lot of use and I don't want to miss anyone out.

I'm happy to answer any additional questions here, or by email at

Thanks again for all the help with this,

May 12, 2014

Enough funds have been raised in order to place the order for the initial tooling and molds. Prototypes will be headed out way in a couple of weeks.

There is still time left to get your pre-order payment into place!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

The good and the bad.

Got a couple subjects to post this morning.

first, The Good.

Finally the weather cooperated enough to finish the shotgun project.  I am delighted w how it turned out.  
Heres a quick recap...

Old Harrington and Richardson "Bay State" .410 shotgun.  I am going to present this gun as a gift to my buddy Emerson when he turns 8 years old.
It has a cracked stock and its pretty rusted and pitted.
I purchased a scrap of Western Big leaf maple for this project.  From my buddy Tim.
Laying out both pieces on the maple to find the best grain to fit the wrist of the stock.  Ideally the grain should run parallel with the wrist.  You dont want it to cut across the wrist, this would create a weak area.

Roughed to form.
Inletting for the reciever.
Fitting and shaping.
Taking shape.
Ready to inlet the barrel groove into the forestock using a wood chisel.
ready to incise the barrel catch.
More chisel.
Properly fitted.
snap on smoothly and a nice snug fit.
After shaping it, I cracked it and had to start over and make another.   Grrrr.
So, I did everything you just saw a second time.

The new forestock, glass bedding.
Incise carved Em's initials into the stock.
Bright and Ready for browning.
The browning turned out poorly due to low humidity.
Bright and ready for browning...Again.  Uggg.
Finished and fully assembled.

I am delighted w the results.
I think Emerson will like it.
And now part 2....  the BAD.

The Thaw is less than two weeks now...

I found one of the header studs snapped off inside the head.

So the past couple days I have been heating w the torch and soaking it with penetrating fluid.
Last night I center punched it.
Drilled a 3/32 pilot hole all the way through til I hit aluminum.  The old lady standing over me helping to keep it on the right angle.  I dont believe I got into any of the threads.
Over an inch deep.
Comparing the bit to the other stud they seem to be pretty close to parallel.
Now I am waiting for the delivery man to drop off the left hand carbide bits and extractors I ordered.

to be continued...I should now more this evening.

Friday, April 18, 2014

I think I may be done w these carbs.

I do not recommend you use these numbers for your own bike.  It could be way to lean and cause damage.  this is only a test.  Quite literally it may turn out to be a "trial by fire"  I am fully prepared to toss this machine into a dumpster and then throw the dumpster off a cliff and into a lake.

I got out of bed at 3am.  Went to the garage and rejetted these Keihins,  I believe this is my fix for this particular pair of carbs on my particular CB360.
I will know more after a test ride this evening.
I do not recommend these numbers for your own machine.

stock sized Keyster needles
jbm ind. diaphragms
floats at 21mm
Keyster pilots #35
Keihin primaries #55
Keihin secondaries #110  
According to the O2 sensor I have installed on my machine.  I have found after setting the air fuel mix to 12.5+ to 1 w the bike on its side stand.  Once I climb on and stand it up right, it drops to around 11.3 to 1.  If this O2 gauge can be trusted???    

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Waiting for the 55s

I am currently waiting for the 55s to arrive from  

So, I have been piddling around the house.

Freed these poor bastards from the dingy, fume filled environment of the Garage.  These sorry looking things are whats left of my Venus Flytraps after the 6 month winter storage.
I am amazed to see some green starting to show.
Got a bung welded on the right side pipe.  So I can swap O2 sensor and check the health of both carbs.
Went to ebay and found the front brake light switch I was needing.A good $12.31 spent.
I got it here... brake switch
Fits and functions perfectly.  
Best of all "free shipping"  and it got here fast.
Fried up Ribeyes on the Weber.
My little doggie sits and waits patiently for his.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

this is a guess, it is only a guess.

OK, here is where I am at.  With the stock jetting.  35, 68, 110. & floats set to 18.5mm

Here is what I got.  
runs fine,  Idle - 4000 rpm.
rich and sputtering, 4000 - 5000 rpm
runs fine,  5000 rpm up.

  Seems to me, once the needle rises enough to hit the taper.  The addition of the main secondary is happening to soon in the rpm range.  She is receiving too much fuel to soon.  However, the 110 main secondary seems to be fine above 5000.

So,  In order to calm the rich area, I raised the floats to 21mm, installed 60 main primaries.  I did a plug chop at 5000 and the plugs went from black to white.  runs good,   however,  Afraid she may be running too lean.  I installed the #62 main primaries.  Again, I found she is sputters (less) but still rich in the 4 -5000 range.

I dont know enough about reading plugs.  And I am tired of guessing if she is too lean.
I ordered this tool...

Also, I have drawn up a custom needle.  

Remember this is also an uneducated guess.  I have no idea what I am doing.

My thinking being, this design will hold off the addition of the main secondary,  allowing the primary to stand alone until she hits a more appropriate rate of consumption.

If you are an air cooled, inline twin expert...Please feel free to share your ideas in the comment section, below.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bens CL360 vid and CL350 heat sheild adaptation.

I posted earlier this spring I had sent Ben a pair of high pipe mufflers.  Somehow, he was tough enough to brave the elements  over the winter and managed to get em installed.  He also found an nice looking, affordable pair of CL350 heat shields and w a minor amount of modification found they were pretty easy to adapt to the CL360 pipes.  And they fit nice and look and sound great.

One of the holes didnt line up perfectly but he was able to make it work.
Heres his vid...